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Operation Life Shield - Support Israel and the Jewish People

The Conquerors have a heart to support missions outside of our organization.  It has always been upon our heart to support the national of Israel.  Through the years we have funded various mission efforts within Israel run by Jewish people.  Recently upon returning from a trip to Israel, Director, Mike Benson, really connected with a mission in Israel that saves lives of Jewish children and families!  That mission and vision was found with Operation Life Shield.  This is an organization dedicated to providing re-enforced concrete protection shelters built into schools to protect children from bombing and rocketing attacks.  This is your spot to donate towards building a shelter.  Each shelter costs about $40,000.00 to build, so with your help, we can partner with OLS to save Jewish lives!
General Online Giving

The Conquerors International Strength Team is made up of more than just the athletes who perform feats of strength, but also men, women, families, churches, and businesses who support The Conquerors. There are many people who help us bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to communities worldwide!  This is your place to sow a seed of a financial gift through online giving.  We just want to thank you and the many for their generous giving.  This vision could not be accomplished without you!
Event Sponsorship

The Conquerors International Strength Team does an average of 50-70 community/church events per year.  We partner with local communities and/or church leaders as a tool in their hand preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have one primary goal with our community/church events and that is souls!  People saved by the good news of Christ!  We have averaged over 20,000 souls per year since 2006.  It is a message of love, hope, and freedom from the Lord Jesus Christ!!  You can pick a certain event and/or community to sponsor or just make a donation into our general event fund that helps to cover our costs and expenses to do an event.
School Sponsorship
Suggested Sponsorship $600.00

The Conquerors International Strength Team does an average of 100-150 school assembly programs per year.  We partner with the school becoming a tool in their hand expressing whatever theme and/or message requested.  With our sponsored schools, we are able to offer the Book of Hope to the student body allowing us a way to offer students the Gospel message in step with church/state guidelines.  We average about 50,000-100,000 books distributed each year in the schools!!